Here are a few examples of the comments that we receive from our customers regarding the quality and satisfaction with the work that we have performed for them.

Just want to let you know how impressed we are with your crew’s professionalism and hard work. They busted their butts today and gave our home a beautiful new look. Their care for our home and workmanship really shows and I can’t thank you enough. They left the landscape cleaner than when they arrived. Impressed and grateful. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone! Ed & Rich
My husband and I noticed that our roof shingles were disintegrating after just 7 years in our new home. We came to discover that a defective shingle was used on most of the homes in our neighborhood. We were flooded with offers from roofing companies. I am so grateful that we chose Nalley Roofing. Their representative walked us through the process of applying for a refund as well as providing sound advice about dealing with the company to receive the best possible amount. Nalley provided a wide selection of shingles from a variety of companies for us to select our new roof. Their price was competitive and most importantly, we felt that we could trust them. Trust was critical as they are literally putting the roof over your head! They were patient with me as I wanted to see a number of shingle colors before I made my choice. Once the shingles were chosen, they were able to quickly set a schedule for our roof to be replaced. The Nalley representative was on hand for the shingle delivery and to get everything started smoothly with the crew. He addressed any concerns and explained each step of the process. The crew was hard working and we had a new roof in just a few days. They kept the work site clean and free of debris. We are very pleased with the final results and highly recommend Nalley Roofing. Ruthie Tucker.
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. =)
Thank you so much! Job well done. Carol
Nalley Roofing

  • Great Service
  • Great Work
  • Beautiful Roof

Thank you!
Pam Lewis

Just WOW! We had those nightmare shingles on our huge house… you know the ones… Atlas Chalet… the ones in the class action lawsuit that are bubbling and cracking. We’ve had numerous roofing companies stopping by our home and suggesting that we tell our insurance company the damage was weather related and try to get a new roof. Our insurance company is already familiar with this issue and is not replacing them… EVER.

Nalley offered to assist us in filing a claim against our warranty. We thought it was a long shot, but worth a try. They helped us every step of the way. Our final outcome… WE GOT A CHECK FOR 78% OF REPLACEMENT COST!!!

Next… their 16 member crew showed up at our home and turned this place into something that looked like a quarantine site. Everything outside of our home was wrapped and covered so that no debris would cause damage. After two full days of a very considerate group of workers, this place was clean and our roof looked amazing.

Honestly… one of our best friends is a roofer and we were very hesitant on placing our business elsewhere. BUT… their pricing was significantly more competitive, their service was outstanding and they made this process of which we sincerely dreaded… quite easy. They are very familiar with the ATLAS CHALET SHINGLE ISSUES and can help you maneuver through that process.


On Oct. 21, 2015 Nalley Roofing replaced a hail- damaged roof on our Lake Hartwell home on Ridgemore Dr. in Toccoa, Ga.

The home is app. 4,000 sq. ft. in size and has a very steep roof.

The entire job was completed in one day by a large group of professional installers. The result is a beautiful new roof which greatly enhances the home.

I would strongly recommend this company for any roofing needs.

John Buchanan

The roof looks beautiful and they cleaned up perfectly!!! I would highly recommend this roofing company to my family and friends. Lori Cable